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Spiritual Transformation a Sure Way to a Better Life

I can tell you right up front on a personal note; Spiritual Transformation is refreshing, and fun!  Sound excited, well I am. My spiritual journey which I am still on, has been so much fun. It is incredible what you can do with a renewing of your mind.

When I learned not to stress about the little things and to turn the big stuff over to the lord, my health truly improved. My stress level dropped; oh, I still stress sometimes but not near as much.

In this post, I will dive into the biblical definition of Spiritual Transformation and look at the process. Yes, it is a process it not instant but genuinely worth the effort

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Spiritual Growth What Is It ?

"What is spiritual growth?"

How do I know if I am growing spiritually? Is there a process of growing spirituality? You may have asked yourself these questions, and they are good questions. Let's take look.

Spiritual growth is the process of becoming more and more like Jesus Christ. When we place our faith in Jesus, the Holy Spirit begins the process of making us more like Him, conforming us to His image.

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What is “Christian” Spirituality?

Here is a quick look at Christian Spirituality.

Christian Spirituality

- When we are born again, we receive the Holy Spirit who seals us for the day of redemption (Ephesians 1:13; 4:30).

When this happens, the believer gives control to the holy spirit to take control of him/her.

The real test of Christian Spirituality is based on the extent to which a person allows the Holy Spirit to lead and control their life.

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Faith without Belief ?

Can You Have Faith without Belief?

 Some people will tell you that faith and belief are one of the same.

  •  Others will say they are similar
  • They are totally different
  • Then there is the I don’t know.

Let’s look at the differences (if any) starting with Belief.

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Success: Six Tips from Scripture

What is success? Wealth? Fame? Power? Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, author of The Power of Positive Thinking, defined it this way:

“After decades of experience, I am more confident than ever that the Bible’s principles can help anyone anywhere live more effectively. Real success is the spiritual process of developing a mature and constructive personality through which we can accomplish our highest objectives, with the help of God.”

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Why You Should Read and Study the Bible

Ok, lets jump right into this.  What is the bible?

 The Bible is a sacred writing, a gift given to us by God so that we may know Him in a personal way. It’s our daily manual and anchor for living a Godly life.

Although we can hear from God in various ways, we most clearly discern His voice through reading His Word.

Tragically, though, this priceless treasure is often overlooked and undervalued. Instead of being opened with enthusiasm, the Bible often sits untouched on a shelf, collecting dust.

Here is Dr. Charles Stanley, pastor, In Touch Ministries definition of the bible:

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5 Tips On Reading The Bible

Before we get into how to read the Bible, let’s first take a quick look at the reasons why reading the Bible is essential. First Timothy 3:16 says that the Bible is “God-breathed,” which means that it is God’s words to us; and we need God’s Words to guide us to a spirit-filled life of Godly Living.

I started reading the bible as a small child living with my grandparents in rural southern, TN where we were in church on most Sundays. I didn’t mind going to church because I liked reading bible verses.

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