The State of the Bible

Coming out of COVID-19, as Americans rethink their relationship to all matters of faith, there will be inevitable twists and turns in the story of the Bible in America “The state of the nation and the state of the Bible in the nation are inextricably linked.” The three videos below are based on The American Bible Society's State of the Bible Research. 

State of the Bible 2021

Since 2011, our team at Barna has worked alongside our friends at American Bible Society to track the State of the Bible. Over ten years, this body of work represents one of the largest data sets on how the population perceives and engages the Bible.

Bible Facts

Learn: The Longest Word in the Bible, The shortest verse, the oldest person and more.

The Bible in America

Who is reading the bible and Where is the Bible Needed?

Finding A New Normal

Looking beyond 2020 and moving forward. Most things want be the same.

Check out the videos 

Bible Facts

 Video 01 

Bible In America

 Video 02 

a New Normal

 Video 03 

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