Why You Should Read and Study the Bible



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Ok, lets jump right into this.  What is the bible?

 The Bible is a sacred writing, a gift given to us by God so that we may know Him in a personal way. It’s our daily manual and anchor for living a Godly life.

Although we can hear from God in various ways, we most clearly discern His voice through reading His Word.

Tragically, though, this priceless treasure is often overlooked and undervalued. Instead of being opened with enthusiasm, the Bible often sits untouched on a shelf, collecting dust.

Here is Dr. Charles Stanley, pastor, In Touch Ministries definition of the bible:


If the Bible is supposed to be our handbook for holy living, why do so many people neglect it?

Here are a few reasons people give for not reading God’s Manual on a regular basis.

“I don’t have time.” Truth: We’re all given the same amount of time each day; 24 hours. You do have time. What counts is how you use it. Use it wisely!

“It’s boring.” Truth: Start and keep reading you will soon notice that the Bible is anything but boring! It contains stories of miraculous healing, supernatural events and some very exciting stuff. if you ask me it would make a great movie.

“I can’t understand it.” Truth: Most will agree with this. The Bible can be intimidating at times. However, when you approach the study of God’s Word with a true desire to learn, the Lord will give you insight and understanding.

“It’s not relevant to my life.” Truth: Even though the Bible was written thousands of years ago, it still speaks to our circumstances today. Its truth is unchanging and eternal.

“I don’t get anything out of it.” Truth: To get something out of the Bible, you have to read it with an open mind and heart. You have to be willing to listen to what God is saying, then learn to apply His truth to the specific situations in your life. Give it a shot!

If your relationship with the Lord seems stagnant, it’s probably because you aren’t increasing your knowledge of the Bible.  

It’s time to stop making excuses and start studying the Bible. The pages of Scripture have the power to transform your life. It has transformed my life!

What God’s Word can do for You.

We should read and study the Bible because God does not change and because mankind's nature does not change; it is as relevant for us as it was when it was written.

God—our good and gracious Creator—tells us what will bring us lasting joy. His revealed Word, the Bible, is so important that Jesus said of it, "Man does not live on bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God" (Matthew 4:4).

In other words, if you want to live life to the fullest, as God intended, you must listen to and heed God's written Word.

We should read and study the Bible because there is so much false teaching. The Bible gives us the measuring stick by which we can distinguish truth from error. It tells us what God is like.

To have a wrong impression of God is to worship an idol or false god. We are worshiping something that He is not. The Bible tells us how one truly gets to heaven, and it is not by being good or by being baptized or by anything else we do (John 14:6; Ephesians 2:1-10; Isaiah 53:6; Romans 6:23, 10:9-13). Interesting isn't it?

It cannot be emphasized strongly enough just how important the Bible is to our lives. Studying the Bible can be compared to mining for gold. If we make little effort and merely "sift through the pebbles in a stream," we will only find a little gold dust. But the more we make an effort to really dig into it, the more reward we will gain for our effort.

Along this line, God's Word shows us just how much God loves us (Romans 5:6-8; John 3:16). And it is in learning this that we are drawn to love Him in return (1 John 4:19).

The Bible equips us to serve God; Ephesians 6:17; Hebrews 4:12). Meditating on God’s Word and obeying its teachings will bring success in life (Joshua 1:8). God’s Word helps us see sin in our lives and helps us get rid of it (Psalm 119:9, 11). It gives us guidance in life, making us wiser. (Psalm 32:8,).

The Bible keeps us from wasting years of our lives on that which does not matter and will not last (Matthew 7:24-27).

Reading and studying the Bible helps us see beyond the attractive "bait" to the painful "hook" in sinful temptations, so that we can learn from others' mistakes rather than making them ourselves.

There are so many Bible characters to learn from, some of whom can serve as both positive and negative role models at different times in their lives.

For example, David, in his defeat of Goliath, teaches us that God is greater than anything He asks us to face (1 Samuel 17), while his giving in to the temptation to commit adultery with Bathsheba reveals just how long-lasting and terrible the consequences of a moment's sinful pleasure can be (2 Samuel 11).

SUMMARY:  The Bible is a book that is not merely for reading. It is a book for studying so that it can be applied. The Bible is God's Word; it is God's Manual full of Instructions For a Godly Life.

Once More: It cannot be emphasized strongly enough just how important the Bible is to our lives. What has keep you from reading the bible? Do you need to read the bible more? Do you think the bible should be used as guidance for daily living?

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